Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD)

Smith Point Archery JOAD

We are the preeminent JOAD program in Suffolk County. Come visit us at Smith Point Archery in beautiful Patchogue Village. We teach kids and adults of all ages the fine art of Archery! Our archery JOAD program is among the top programs in the country with many of our archers winning medals in local, state and national competitions.


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What is JOAD?



Mckenzie eye’s the gold!

Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) is a program of USA Archery that teaches archery to young people, provides great opportunities for awarding achievement, and helps archers to enjoy the sport recreationally or progress to the excitement of competition!

JOAD offers both recurve and compound archers the opportunity to learn range safety and proper shooting technique in an environment that also fosters focus, increased self-confidence, and team building skills. JOAD is open to any youth archer aged 8 to 20 and is designed to grow with the youth archer.

Here at Smith Point JOAD, we welcome archers of all age groups and skill levels.  We are a family oriented organization and encourage the parents to participate along with their children.

While the JOAD program is geared for boys and girls ages 8-20, adults (with or without children) are encouraged to take up the sport too.  Similar to the youth achievement, we also participate in USA Archery’s adult achievement program.

Some of the many benefits to shooting archery include getting yourself up off the couch and into the outdoors, it keeps your body and mind fit and its a great way to socialize!  Come visit us at Smith Point Archery on just about any Saturday afternoon, but be sure to check the class schedule first – there is the occasional week where there will not be lessons, as we do travel out of state for competitions.


Common Terminology


Protects the bow arm from abrasion by the string when the arrow is released.

A spring loaded finger that sounds an audible cue to the archer that the arrow has been drawn to a repeatable distance.

Elimination Round:
A match tournament which pairs archers in a sudden-death format, used for teams and individuals; also known as the FITA Olympic Round (FOR).

A group of arrows, usually three or six, which are shot before going to the target to score and retrieve them.

Finger Tab:
A flat piece of leather that is worn to protect the string fingers when the arrow is released.

Feathers attached to an arrow which help stabilize the arrow during flight.

Federation Internationale de Tir a’lArc, archery’s international governing body. FITA’s archery rules govern all NAA archery events.

FITA Round:
A round of 144 total arrows shot at a target from four different distances, the most common round in target archery competition.

(n) The pattern of arrows on the target.
(v) To shoot three arrows on the target.

Inner Ring:
A ring printed on standard FITA targets inside the ten ring. It is used only for indoor compound scoring.

Part of the bow from the riser (handle) to the tip.

Marking Arrows:
Marking each hole in a target so that arrows that pass through the target or fall out can be scored by their unmarked holes.

Olympic Round:
The round used in Olympic championships, in which the top 64 archers in each class face a single elimination tournament.

(n) The attachment on the rear end of an arrow which holds it in place on the bow string.
(v) To place the arrow on the string.

Qualifier Round:
A round in which each archer shoots identically with all others, and the best scores rank the winners. Often used to reduce a field before an elimination round. Also known as a standard FITA or double FITA round.

A case for holding arrows. Usually, a long leather container usually worn on a belt at the waist.

Release Aid:
Mechanical device used to release the arrow, used by most compound shooters.

The handle of the bow. The side facing the target is called the back. The side near the string (closest to the archer) is called the belly.

A mechanical device placed on the bow with which the archer can aim directly at the target.

Round Robin Match:
A match in which each archer shoots against each other archer. Bonus points, in addition to the scores are usually awarded for winning each match.

A weight mounted on a bow, usually extending some distance from the handle, used to minimize undesirable torques of the bow string upon release.

Robin Hood:
An accomplishment named after the legendary character and the feat he performed in the famous archery contest of legend. It occurs when an archer drives the tip of the shaft of one arrow deep into the end of another arrow already in the target. Archers display their Robin Hoods as golfers display their hole-in-one balls. The arrows stuck end-to-end can be found hung with pride above mantles, next to hunting trophies or in offices alongside letters and diplomas.

Round Robin:
A round in which each archer shoots a match with every other archer in his/her class. It is used to select teams for some international events.


Come down and give archery a try.  Archery is a sport that the whole family can enjoy together. You’ll learn it in 5 minutes, but you’ll enjoy it for a lifetime!

To contact the club directly, click here to visit the Smith Point J.O.A.D. website.