Current League Champions

2014 Winter League Champions Crowned Congratulations to our Winter League champions, and thanks to all of our participants for another amazing season! Summer League registration is going on now. Call (631) 289-3399 to learn more.   2014 League Winners  

Youth Leagues

Friendly Competition for Archers of All Levels   Smith Point Archery’s Youth Leagues follow a unique format. We start with two weeks of shooting to establish an average for each shooter. After that, teams are formed to be as even as possible. Teams with lower averages will be given handicap points to keep things competitive. […]

Adult Leagues

Adult leagues at Smith Point Archery follow our unique league format. The league begins with the archers shooting for the first two weeks to establish an average. On week 3, everyone will be divided into groups based upon their average score. The “A” group, or captains, have the highest averages and will pick their teams […]