Youth Group Lessons

This class is designed for young shooters age 7 and up who wish to learn and improve their archery skills in a comfortable and controlled environment. Rental bows are available for students who would like to try archery but do not own their own equipment.

Sessions begin with a careful discussion of safety rules. Proper handling and use of the bow is then explained to the students.

Students are positioned on the shooting line where they will shoot at conventional archery targets while being monitored by two certified archery instructors. While shooting, each participant will be given tips based on their age and skill level.

During the final segment of the lesson balloons are hung on the targets for students to shoot. Balloon shooting adds fun to the session and improves the shooter’s concentration. Depending on class size, shooting games are played including the popular William Tell where a small balloon is attached to a larger balloon. Students are then challenged to shoot the small balloon without hitting the large balloon.



Deanna Dykstra

Instructors are available for questions from both parents and students.

Hosted by:

Smith Point Archery
215 East Main St.Patchogue, NY 11772
(631) 289-3399

Reservations required.

Classes are held every Monday from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM and cost $30.00 per student. Rental bow is $10.00.