Adult Leagues

league-2014-winterAdult leagues at Smith Point Archery follow our unique league format. The league begins with the archers shooting for the first two weeks to establish an average. On week 3, everyone will be divided into groups based upon their average score. The “A” group, or captains, have the highest averages and will pick their teams with 1 archer from each of the “B” and “C” groups.

From there, every team will shoot every other team once. Teams will be given handicaps to even out lower averages. At the end of the league, the team with the most points is crowned league champions, and the awards are disbursed.

The length of the league varies, depending upon the number of teams in the league. The typical season lasts 12 – 14 weeks.

The cost for the league is $20 per night. Makeups and sick days provide flexibility to the archers that can’t make it every night.

All levels of archer are welcome provided you can shoot 20yds comfortably. This is a great opportunity for beginning archers to learn and develop from the more experienced archers.


Winter Leagues


The Wednesday and Thursday winter leagues run every January until  April. All equipment is welcome.

2024 start dates are January 3rd and 4th.


Summer League


The summer leagues start in June, and will run until mid-August. This league uses Bowhunter-style equipment only – pin sight, short stabilizer.