• NEW 2023 Bowhunter/Hunter Education Classes

Due to Covid, all certification classes are now held online. In order to purchase a Bowhunting license you need to take the Hunter safety class as well as the Bowhunter safety class. You can access these classes online at https://www.hunter-ed.com/newyork/

If you’d like a physical copy of the study guide for free, for either class, stop by Smith Point Archery during business hours.

Once you have completed the Hunter Education class, you can buy a license to hunt with the gun.

Once you have completed the Hunter and Bowhunter Education classes, you can hunt with bow or gun.





17 thoughts on “NEW 2023 Bowhunter/Hunter Education Classes

  1. Anthony Ippolito

    would like to sign my son and his 2 friends for the Monday 8/17 class. how do I do this. All 3 boys have there gun class.

  2. Scott D.

    I recently moved to Long Island, and I want to take the bow hunters class. Do you havr any classes in October?


    Scott Dyce

  3. Nicholas Rooney

    Hello. This is Nicholas Rooney. I want to attend the 5 hour class on September 24th for the gun an saftey class. If u can, please call me at 631-759-1592. Thank u so much. Have a good one.

  4. Adam

    Do you have any classes planned for this year?
    Also- I closed a training center recently (was based on security guard licensing and cpr, def driving etc.) and at the time (2 years back) I tried adding the bow course because 20+ years after my gun course I never took the bow course. I had trouble finding the dec volunteers. Found one group doing them on pretty reg basis in the city but they did tend to fill up, the parking was impossible or expensive and they did not seem to go out to LI at all. Even if you struck out with these first courses not having students may I help by suggesting that you keep trying probably for at least a year. You have to be committed to doing course even with one student. If you establish the shop as the go to you will succeed and you will be shocked at how far students will travel to get the course. If I was you I would obviously tie the course completion with a nice coupon. It will work out if you commit long term! Best of luck. Nice site can’t wait to see the store.

  5. Tony H.

    Now that business is opening up more and more is there any chance you are offering the in person bow hunting class for 2021?


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