• 2023 League Information

The start of the New Year brings the Smith Point Archery Winter Leagues. The Wednesday and Thursday Leagues are designed for archers that can shoot 20 yards comfortably. Been that the leagues are handicapped, you will find a mix of all ability levels, from beginner to highly experienced archers. These leagues are a great opportunity to get into a slightly higher level of archery and to learn from those that have made archery a more serious hobby.

Friday nights you will find the Smith Point Archery Youth League. Youth leagues are a great way to get the kids more involved in archery and introduce them to shooting for score. All levels are welcome and even kids without equipment can participate with loaner bows.

8 thoughts on “2023 League Information

  1. Tracy Hansen

    Hi – my son just received a bow for xmas. Need to fit him, arrows, release.
    And interested in a league. Please respond back with holiday hours and league info. Thanks

  2. Igor Tayzhanov

    Should I make appointment for 1st lesson for my grandchildren, 8 & 9 years old?

    Preferably this Sunday around 12:00?


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